Get ready to say "Hell Yes! "
to showing up for yourself.
Imagine living a life where you are...
  • Constantly moving forward towards your goals and dreams
  • Showing up for yourself, day in and day out
  • Not longer afraid of success (crazy!  But it's definitely a thing)
  • Not afraid to say "Hell YES!" to new things and experiences
  • Unapologetically daring to live life as YOU.
This New, Improved, You 2.0 doesn't have to be a distant dream.

It's as easy as learning to embrace and harness your Fear.
When you choose to live Fearlessly, the rest of the Universe falls into place.
I can tell you beyond a shadow of a doubt that the Universe WANTS YOU TO SUCCEED.

It's just waiting for you to show up for yourself and do your part. 

When you choose to live a Fearless life, you're making a pact with the Universe that you will do whatever it takes to achieve your personal version of success, happiness and balance. 
No matter how small the baby steps may be. 
No matter how far away your next level is.
As long as you are committed to doing your part of facing your Fears and going after your dreams anyway, 
the Universe will always have your back.
In fact, the Universe has been known to gives us little nudges in the right direction.
It may even be why you've happened on this page and have read so far ;)

So, if you're ready to say "Hell YES!" to a Fearless life,
I invite you to take the first steps towards showing up for yourself and your life...
A Six-Week group coaching program on facing your Fears 
and putting them to positive use in your life.

Group Coaching begins on Tuesday, May 8th, 2018
at 6:30 pm Central...
All for just $147!
Join to secure your spot today!  
The group coaching program starts in...
Here's what you can expect with the Becoming Fearless program...
  •  Six weeks of weekly live sessions where you have direct access to me for all of your questions and guidance.
  •  Fearless homework assignments to help you ignite and embrace your inner badass.
  •  An exclusive, private community filled with amazing women going on the same journey with you.
  •  Bonus trainings and sessions as guided and tailored especially to the group.
You're just one small step away from
So, who will be taking you on this Journey to Fearlessness?
Hi, I'm Jodie Harvala, Psychic Medium and Lover of Life.
I’m a forward thinking, spirit loving, space clearing, psychic teacher and coach. I am also the founder of The Spirit School. Walking through my own spirit journey, I went from a fear *based* woman to a Spiritually FearLESS entrepreneur.

I love teaching others how to connect with spirit and also how to experience spirit in the sacred, everyday moments of life. I teach through experience. With each and every class offered, people who participate walk away with their own very real experience with spirit and a fresh perspective regarding the next step on their personal journey here on earth.

I share my tools and ideas to connect with spirit on a daily basis, creating your own magical experiences day to day. When we walk through life with direction from spirit, we become fearless. With each course offered at The Spirit School, you will feel more empowered and filled with magic in your own life. Hands on your hearts, ladies and gentleman. It’s time to pledge allegiance to your higher self. All aboard the bus to The Spirit School!

Frequently Asked Questions
Is this a self-guided program?
This program is intended for live participation with the rest of the group of participants.  However, you will always have access to the live videos, homework assignments and group, so if you fall behind the material will always be there waiting for you!
Are spots unlimited?
As much as I would love to invite all of the internet into my group, I believe in keeping my learning environments sacred.  Because of this, I only have a very limited amount of spots in this program so that I can give each and every participant the attention they require and deserve.
How are the lessons given each week?
All live training sessions, bonus teaching sessions and homework will be distributed within the exclusive Facebook group for the program.  Upon signing up, you will be given a link on the confirmation page to join the private Facebook group.
My question isn't listed.  Help!
I've got you!  If you have any questions that haven't been answered on this page, please send me an email to and I'll be happy to help you.
A Six-Week group coaching program on facing your Fears 
and putting them to positive use in your life.

All for just $147!
Join to secure your spot today!  
The group coaching program starts in...
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