Does winter have you stressing about getting your bodacious body bikini ready?

For the ENTIRE MONTH OF APRIL we will transform your Body,Mind and Spirit! 

If you're focusing on whiddling down the jiggle, I have very important news for you...
Crafting a killer body is only 10% of the battle
and that is NOT what we are doing to be talking about! 

 If you struggle with your body you may want to take a moment and keep reading! 
I want to share with you a few secrets I have learned along the way to 
learn to LOVE the skin your in! 

You probably already know me as a Spirit-talking, Energy-shifting, Fear-blasting Psychic Medium, so you might be wondering WHY I'm shifting gears so dramatically.

Well, the truth is... I'm not. 
It's really simple. Our bodies are complex machines, and while you *may* think that only deals with calories in/calories out, it's SO MUCH MORE.  
Our bodies can exhibit physical symptoms 
from many different sources, including.

  • Our past-lives, soul contracts or karmic debts
  • Repressed, unexpressed or unacknowledged emotions
  • Build-up of stale, negative energy and maligned Chakras
  • Low-vibration thoughts, people and places
...and that's just the very beginning.
Getting in tune with your body and learning the many different ways it communicates with you is fundamental when it comes to  getting healthy, loving that skin your in and becoming a happier version of YOU.
With my new online program, Snow Pants to Swim Suits, you'll spend the last stretch of winter getting to know your body inside and out. 

 This is NOT another diet challenge or workout group. 

 With Snow Pants to Swim Suits, we'll approach getting 
healthy and happy in a 360 degree way, which includes:
Body Loving
Learn to love your body every step of the way on your journey.  So often we don't give our body credit for what it does for us each and every day. By loving your body through all shapes and sizes, you'll learn how to take care of your body in the way it deserves, which in turn will allow you to reap the benefits of a happy, healthy temple.
Body Scrubbing
No, I'm not talking about loofahs and salt scrubs, though those are certainly wonderful too!  We're talking energy- and just like energy can gunk up your living space, it can gunk up your body as well. Clearing the negative energy helps get everything flowing freely again.

Body Trauma
Sometimes our bodies react to things that we have no easy way of making a direct connection to, such as physical manifestations from past life trauma and karmic debt. The lives we have previously lived can carry over to our current life, causing a variety of physical and mental symptoms to occur.  
Body Talking
Oh yeah, your body totally talks to you.  Our bodies use physical symptoms and ailments to signal deeper issues like emotions that we have yet to deal with, stress, worry and more. By paying attention to these cues, we can get to the root cause and heal once and for all.

Sounds crazy, right?
Trust me, I used to think the same thing.  But by getting in tune with my body, I've been able to heal many issues that plagued me for a very long time.  And I'm far from the only one!  

How does your body communicate with you?  Here are just a few examples that I've encountered in my clients...
  • Weak arms and arm pain?  You may be carrying around a burden that isn't your's to bear.
  • Mysterious birthmarks?  You may have a mark from an incident in a past-life.
  • Experiencing strong reactions to someone in your life?  You may have unresolved past-life experiences.
  • Knee and leg pain?  You may be having issues taking the appropriate steps forward.
  • Bladder infections and UTIs?  You may be PISSED OFF!
  • Random, recurrent pain?  You may be holding in ANGER.
And that's just the beginning!

Our bodies are POWERFUL when it comes to signaling deeper issues going on inside.  And often times, these very real physical issues can be solved using the simple steps I'll be teaching you in my newest program Snow Pants to Swim Suits.
How the program Works:
Once you are signed up you will receive a 3 part video Series 
Watch each video and join me all through April in the 
Snowsuit to swimsuit private Facebook group for extras and 
Live Q&A on all subjects around body love! 

Secure your spot now for just $47!
So, how does it all work?
Once you have signed up you will then receive three videos that will work with you 
I will offer you the same essential tools that I have learned and still use today to start raising that vibe of self-love!  
Once you have worked through the videos we will gather ALL month long in a Private Facebook group for questions and extra tidbits on how to keep the love going, more tools, more fun and of course messages from spirit along the way! 

What you get with the Snow Pants to Swimsuits online course:
  • Daily support in our Private Facebook group
  • Past life work- SO FUN you wont want to miss this piece
  • Community of powerful souls brought together to support each other
  • A Private Facebook group to share and create momentum for change
  • Fascinating tools on moving energy within your body
  • A renewed mind set on loving that skin your in
  • A new understanding of your body and a way to connect more fully and intentionally
  • Relief and understanding from physical ailments
All videos will remain in the group for the entire time of the class and for 5 days after- then the group will be closed and archived April 30th. 

You will have the chance to purchase downloads of the videos if guided to use at any time!

Ready to learn some body love?

Join me for the month of April, 2019
to love the skin your in...
Secure your spot now for just $47!
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